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Everlead is an innovative tool created to help your business generate authentic reviews from your clients and increase your sales rate. It is very easy to use and it is designed to grow your company’s reputation with little to no effort from you.

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Improve Local SEO

By having lots of positive reviews, you will get a higher place on the search results page in Google and Yelp

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Increase Brand Visibility

Create an online buzz around your brand and form an active community of satisfied clients for your business

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Grow Your Sales

Grow your sales rate by creating a positive image for your company in the eyes of your potential clients

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Get Business Credibility

Get positive feedback on the major review platforms and form a positive reputation for your business

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Optimize Your Business

Receive comments and ideas directly from your clients and learn how to make your business even better

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Get Instant Reviews

Get instant feedback from your clients if they receive an SMS link with a quick and easy review process

Online Reputation Simplified

Building a positive reputation for your business has never been easier.

Send instant review invites

Use the Everlead platform to send automated rating links to your clients and transform them into a powerful sales force. The link will let them rate their experience with your business. If they rate it positively, they will be redirected to Yelp to leave a review.

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Collect useful feedback

If the client was unsatisfied, the system will run a quick survey to find out what went wrong and what can be done to improve your service. All of this feedback will stay in your system and will not spread to Yelp. You will get a full tracking system to learn about your clients ideas and suggestions to optimize your business.

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Increase your sales

Research has shown that 94% of clients check a company’s online reviews before making a purchase. By collecting positive reviews on Yelp, you increase your chances to be found and chosen by your potential clients and to grow your sales rate. With friendly reminders to send review requests, you can build genuine relationships with your clients.

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Don’t take our word for it

4.9 out of 5 - 163 Reviews

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— I am really happy with Everlead, i've had my business for over 5 years now, and it took me so long to get reviews from my customers. now forget it, i get reviews every week. Before i signed up i only had 64 reviews on Yelp, now i have over 82 review in just 3 months.. I recommend it a loooot!

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— Trully enjoy it! They've helped us effectively get our customer's emails and automate review collection process since we don't collect any, because we're a burger place. We've been using it for over 6 months, and honestly the results were remarkable! Over 100+ reviews.

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— I think Everlead is your perfect tool in case you are facing the social barrier of requesting feedback from your clients. The positive reviews now accumulate so much faster. Building genuine friendships with my customers or other design companies became easier than ever before!

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